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Citrus Solid Dish Soap
Citrus Solid Dish Soap
Citrus Solid Dish Soap

Citrus Solid Dish Soap

This vegan and palm free dish soap is an environmentally friendly alternative to liquid detergent purchased in plastic bottles and help reduce waste. Coconut and castor oil give this solid dish soap cleansing suds and thick lather, while the citrus juice and citric acid ensure the soap is effective on even your greasiest of dishes. Because each puck is scented naturally with essential oils, the soap scent is very mild and light, leaving your dishes simply clean.

Comes with the option of arriving in an aluminum tin or naked! We personally love re-using current mugs/dishes/etc to store our pucks in.

Also a choice to add on a bamboo and sisal fiber dish brush! This brush is 100% biodegradable and compostable

Net wt. of soap is 3.5 oz.

Ingredients: coconut oil, castor oil, sodium hydroxide*, distilled water, citric acid, lime juice, orange and lemon essential oils

*none remains in final product


Packaging Puck Only
Add On Dish Brush

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