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Hello! We are the Bubble Babes and are so excited that you're here. Our names are Noonie and Sylvia, and we are a duo that started our journey into cold process soap making in 2019. We craft our products in Ann Arbor, MI (Go Blue!).  After much experimenting (and more experimenting), we decided to share it with the world in 2020 and put our products up for sale online. Our team is proud to be woman owned, diverse, inclusive, and empowering!


Noonie is a retired dance professor that has taught dance for over 40 years in Michigan. To this day, she still teaches college students, professional dancers, and Olympic athletes! Some of her passions include fashion, art, gardening, and laughing. She is also a phenomenal cook and enjoys eating delicious foods with her family. Her impeccable taste and creativity is a crucial part of the Babe Team!


Sylvia has a complex background in the engineering world, having studied/worked as a biomedical and automotive design engineer in the past. Currently, she works as a software engineer and teaches fitness on the side. Her passions include working with her busy hands on anything such as rhinestoning dancer costumes, crochet, and puzzles. She also loves food, skincare, and her dog. Her attention to detail and diverse background gives her joy in the quest for perfect bars of soap! 

Bubble Babes Soaps is the embodiment of what we were looking for in our lives as we ventured into the search for more natural and sustainable products. We make every product with love through handcrafted, aesthetically pleasing products with beneficial and high quality ingredients. 

Thank you for stopping by an we are grateful that you have taken the time to chose us in your journey to a natural, sustainable lifestyle.